World Class Photography Show at Moore’s Gallery


© Goran Jovic

Fremantle International Portrait Prize  (FIPP)

Since it is inception about ten years ago FIPP has grown to be one of largest photographic portrait shows in Australia and the largest in WA.

Last Saturday evening (12th October) was the grand opening at the Moore’s Building of the Fifth Fremantle International Portrait Prize (FIPP). About two hundred invited guests, including some of Australia’s top photographers, attended the opening of an inspiring exhibition.

© Laura Holdsworth

FIPP is rather special, not only because it has attracted entries from about 40 countries, putting the City front and centre on the international photographic scene,  but because it is run totally by volunteers and held to benefit  charity. Most photographic competitions are actually businesses, established to make profits for organisers. FIPP is managed by a small group of professional and amateur photo enthusiasts who have thus far raised in excess of $60,000 for charities, in particular the Arthritis Foundation.

© Liv Stockley

The work of  150 high quality finalists is on show together with the winners in a number of sections. Of particular interest  for enthusiasts is the section dedicated to smart phone entrants displays quality which challenges that of high end equipment.

© Malcolm Peacock

Go along and pick a winner. One winner has not been Judged. It’s always a mystery – the choice of the public. It’s worth spending an hour of your time in the historical Moore’s Building gallery in Henry Street to meander through this collection which ranges through styles of work in both classic black & white to  colour photography. Go along, drop a couple of bucks in the collection tin, check the show out and vote for your choice of winner. You’ll find the judges’ winners but you don’t be intimidated by their choice. This is your chance to make somebody’s day.

© Ross Swanborough

Backchat has published this selection the winners and place getters (there are more) with the photographers’ names but no details as to what they won.  It’s entertaining to go along, buy the beautiful catalogue and hunt down the winners on the walls. You can also grab one of the best coffees in town at the Moore and Moore Cafe.

© Sarah Fairbanks

There really is something here for all tastes in photography.

© Istvan Kerekes

No need to be a top end pro: This is a broad  collection of photographs which shows you do not have to be a top end professional photographer to produce world class images. It’s a competition open to both amateur and professional shooters.

© Jennifer Leahy

Go along, take the kids, take your time and enjoy the best show in town

© Peter Morton

The Judges Secrets: For real  enthusiasts a new innovation as been added to this event. On Wednesday evening, 23rd October, in the Moore’s Building the three judges will be answering questions and debating how they reached their conclusions. It will be interesting, enlightening and challenging and will certainly give future aspirants winning tips to ponder over. There is an entry fee of $20 this event.

The FIPP show is on until Sunday 27th October, open every day from 10.00am until 4.00pm. The gallery is a pleasant five minute walk from the Fremantle Railway Station via the old West End of the City.

NOTE: All photographs are copyright and may not be used for any purpose other than that of fair comment and review.

Roger Garwood, Editor, Fremantle Backchat :

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