A  small, low key, group of supporters gathered at the Hilton Bowling Club last night (Friday 21st July) to support Fedele Carmada’s run for a Beaconsfield seat in the Fremantle elections.

Mayoral challenger Ra Stewart and former mayor Peter Tagliaferri  attended but primarily this was a family affair. Even the candidate’s grandmother was sitting quietly in the background, underlining a deeply established local family. It was a modest, ‘Very Freo’ grass roots event at which Fedele Carmada appeared as an intelligent, well informed, home grown, candidate emphasised by the fact he is a third generation local fisherman.

He delivered no bullshit, no rallying cries, no political platitudes but a straightforward ‘we’ve got a job to do, let’s do it’ attitude.

Hannah Fitzhardinge, the incumbent councillor, will be tenacious and highly credible in defending her seat, making the battle for Beaconsfield  the bellwether to watch in the lead-up to the elections.


Fremantle traditionally has a higher turnout of voters than many local council electorates, though not high enough. Because local councils effect daily living more than any arm of government it is essential for ratepayers and residents to get out, stir the possum, listen to candidates’ objectives and make a seriously considered choice. In October the city will experience the most interesting election for decades at a time when contentious issues related to development, heritage and city finances are surfacing.

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