Australian Associated Press have reported that the Australian Local Governments Association (ALGA), gathering in Canberra, has today (Tuesday) voted 64-62  for councils to consider efforts they could take to lobby the government for a date change for Australia Day.

A statement issued by ALGA said: “The ALGA board noted the level of debate and the closeness of the result of the debate and will take these matters into consideration when determining a course of action.”

Of 560 local councils represented by ALGA only 126 were at the Canberra meeting. This leaves room for doubt as to an overall opinion of councils’ for a change of date for Australia Day.


The vote by the local councils represented by ALGA at the meeting was close but an online poll published today shows nearly 78.87% of the population do not want change, 18.44% do and 2.69% are undecided.

Fremantle Council initiated a change and the national debate this year. With local council elections due in October the issue of a change of date could become a campaign point for voters to consider.

Roger Garwood

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