Freo Basking in its Festival

Fremantle Blessed

I first went to The Blessing of the Fleet back in 1977. Since then I’ve photographed about thirty-three or four of them.

The Blessing of the Feet – as my son Ben used to call it – always seems like the real start of summer. It is a religious ceremony held with great dignity, the visible end of weeks of preparation planned by the committee who work from a small shed in White Gum Valley. It has now become central to the Fremantle Festival which allows the city and some of its creative extroverts to go gang busters at exhibitions, a massive street parade, concerts, coffee competitions, pasta eating competitions … and so on.

Roll on Summer

The Freo festival rolls us into our summer, the sea breeze makes life bearable and Christmas is just around the corner. Then we have the buskers’ festival (as I still insist calling it) at Easter, acting as the backstop to summer. Warm nights. cold beers, parades of vintage yank tanks and the occasional outbreak of music on The Strip underline what the Fremantle lifestyle is about.

Here, for a kickoff, are a few pictures of this years 65th anniversary of the Blessing of the Fleet as well as some dating back nearly 40 years. With the co-operation of the BoF committee and in tandem with a photographic colleague, Lidia D’Opera, there will be a book launched, hopefully at the beginning of next years festival, which will be a history of the event with pictures dating from 1948 through to this years significant anniversary.

All pictures © Roger Garwood & Lidia D’Opera 2013

Copyright Lidia D'Opera

Blessing15_Snapseed FB

Blessing12_Snapseed FB

Blessing(00) 58 FB_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 5L1180096_Snapseed

Blessing(03) 46 FB _Snapseed

Blessing(02) FB 74_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 8 L1180176_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 2 L1180170_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 6 L1180144_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 3L1180125_Snapseed

blessing5_Snapseed FB

Blessing 2013 Corr 8 L1180205_Snapseed

Blessing of the Fleet Fremantle 2009 FB _Snapseed

Blessing Corr 1 L1180277_Snapseed

Blessing 2013 Corr 4 L1164659_Snapseed

blessing20(Corr)B&W FB_Snapseed

Fremantle Harbour Fog April 2012

7 thoughts on “Freo Basking in its Festival

  1. Good stuff Rog! You are in the thick of it and still have passion.

    On another note, I thought the small footer on this page said ‘Fremantle Electrocutions’ and i thought now we are really making progress. I have an early nomination.


  2. Brilliant work Rog and Lidia. Love the image of guy swigging coke and the minister on the boat with the heavenly clouds above. Thanks for sharing your wonderful images.


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